New paper in Ecohydrology by graduate student Pedro Leite talks about recovery of soil hydraulic properties in Caatinga (Brazil)

Our most recent paper talks about soil infiltration and erosion in Caatinga – a dry tropical forest biome situated in North East Brazil. Results from rainfall simulations over forests of different ages were compared for infiltration and erosion. In addition, beerkan methods was used to estimate infiltration curves and hydraulic conductivity for different ages and vegetation cover. Ksat determined from lab and beerkan methods were found to be consistently increasing with time since it was left for recovery or regrowth of forest.

Field work for this study was carried out over the summer of 2015 by Pedro Leite, Brad Wilcox and their colleagues Eduardo Santos, Eduardo Souza and Rafael Oliveira at Federal Rural University of Pernambuco in Recife (UFRPE, Brazil). The study is part of an ongoing collaborative project with UFRPE and Wilcox lab at Texas A&M.


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