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Dr. Bradford Wilcox receives the Outstanding Achievement Award at SRM meeting 2018

Dr. Bradford Wilcox was presented with the Outstanding Achievement Award for Research/Academia by the Society of Range Management at their 71st annual meeting  early in February. The award recognizes Dr. Wilcox’s several achievements over the past 30 years – which includes contributions to understanding how humans alter water cycle, doing interdisciplinary science and bringing diverse stakeholders together. He has produced over 100 peer-reviewed publications, chapters , proceedings and has been cited over 6000 times. Link for SRM press release:

Brad Wilcox awarded Sid Kyle Endowed Professor

Earlier this March, Dr. Brad Wilcox was awarded the Sid Kyle Endowed Professor in Arid and Semi-Arid ecohydrology.  On the same occasion, Dr. Boutton was also awarded the Sid Kyle Endowed Chair in Arid and Semi-arid ecohydrology for Biogeochemistry. This award will bring funds which will provide more impetus to Dr. Wilcox’s lab’s effort in understanding the ecohydrology of savannas in Texas, Oklahoma, Mexico and North-Eastern Brazil. With new funds available, the lab will be looking to support undergraduate research work at the range area – a research… Read More →

Brad Wilcox receives 2015 Dean’s Outstanding Achievement Award for Research

The Dean’s Outstanding Achievement Awards are the highest awards in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (C.O.A.L.S) awarded to faculty, staff and students. Dr. Bradford Wilcox was presented with this award last week on September 16th, 2015 at C.O.A.L.S. awards ceremony by Mark Hussey who is the Vice Chancellor and Dean for C.O.A.L.S.    

Matt receives teaching and communication award

Matthew Berg, postdoc, recently received the Teaching Award of Merit from the North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture (NACTA) for his service in the classroom and beyond. NACTA is a professional organization that strives to advance the scholarship of teaching and learning in agricultural, environmental, and natural and life sciences. Dr. Berg was nominated by the Texas A&M University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

Cynthia selected for Iso-Camp

Cynthia Wright, PhD student, was one of only 40 students accepted to the competitive summer Iso-Camp at the University of Utah. Iso-Camp brings together students and researchers from around the world, teaching them about stable isotopes in environmental, biogeochemical, marine, and ecological studies. Cynthia will get hands-on experience with quantitative techniques in isotope studies.

Shishir accepted to Amazon Field School

Shishir Basant, master’s student, was accepted into the Applied Biodiversity Science Amazon Field School in Brazil. Shishir will learn about the social and ecological complexities of conservation in tropical ecosystems by engaging in field methods from the biological and social sciences and evaluating the causes, consequences, and solutions to biodiversity loss through the lenses of ecology, culture, and governance.